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Find articles and news about the most popular open source web browsers and web engines.

Popular Web Browsers Firefox SeaMonkey Chromium (Chrome) Edge Opera Safari (WebKit) Epiphany (WebkitGtk) Netsurf Lynx
Popular Web Rendering Engines Apple Webkit Google Blink Mozilla (Quantum) Servo

Featured topics, articles and developer resources about the most popular open-source programming languages and technologies used to build websites, web and cloud software applications, mobile applications and more.

HTML HyperText Markup CSS Cascading Style Sheets Javascript Client-Side Scripting PHP Server-Side Scripting
GO Language Python Language Perl Language Tcl/Tk Language Vala Language Shell Scripting for Linux/Unix

Popular articles, topics and learning resources regarding the popular open source servers used to maintain a high availability and secure internet environment for web and cloud.

Bind Domain Name Server HAProxy Load Balancer Apache Web Server nGinx Web Server Server-Side Javascript App Server OpenSMTPd SMTP Mail Server Dovecot IMAP4 / POP3 Mail Server
CouchDB (NoSQL) MongoDB (NoSQL) PostgreSQL PgPool-II Cluster for PostgreSQL MariaDB (MySQL) Galera Cluster for MariaDB / MySQL Redis (In-memory) Memcached (In-memory) SQLite (Embedded, SQL) GDBM Database (Embedded, NoSQL)

Operating systems reviews, articles and topics, knowledge resources.

Popular BSD Distros OpenBSD NetBSD FreeBSD DragonFly BSD
Mobile OSes Google Android Apple iOS Microsoft Windows Mobile
Popular Linux Distros Debian Linux Ubuntu Linux Mint Linux RedHat Enterprise Linux CentOS Linux Fedora Linux SuSE Enterprise Linux OpenSuSE Linux Alpine Linux Void Linux Arch Linux Manjaro Linux Solus Linux
Other OSes Open Solaris Apple MacOS Microsoft Windows