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SafeURL Check allows you to quick verify if an URL has been reported as UnSafe or is Blacklisted
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Blacklisted URLs DB Size: 1.943.501 records # last updated: 2023-08-21 10:52 GMT
Disclaimer: This website does not offer any warranty that any verified URL is 100% safe. Thus if you are using this service to check download URLs from the internet that can contain binary or unsafe content it is your own responsibility to run also an antivirus check of your binary download each time. More, to stay safe against potentially unsafe URLs or malicious content you should use personal anti-phishing protection and anti-spam/anti-virus software to protect your data and your computer. In particular the SafeURL Check Online Service provided by this website is a freely available service that verify the provided URLs against several well-known blacklist databases and an open-source antivirus trying to identify potentially unsafe URLs. IMPORTANT: This service does not scan the content of the provided URLs against the existence of any malicious content. It only verify if provided URLs have been reported as being unsafe or untrusted.
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Use the in-page chat or the website contact form. When reporting an UnSafe URL don`t forget to include a small description with the reason and some details ...