Warzone 2100 - Futuristic 3D real-time strategy game

Real-time strategy game. Compared to other real-time strategy games, it has a greater focus on artillery, radar, and counter-battery technologies, more frequent in-game cinematic updates as game play progresses, a massive research tree, as well as a vehicle design system.

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Stable Version: Warzone 2100 4.3.5

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Runs on: windows, mac, linux, openbsd, freebsd

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  • Project Developer: Warzone 2100 Project
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 (or later)
  • OpenSource, Free: Yes
  • Written in: C++
Building from Source: dependencies
  • Cmake, LibZip, LibSodium, PhysFs, CURL, Opus
  • LibOgg, LibVorbis, LibTheora, LibSampleRate, OpenAL
  • LibPng, SDL2, Gtk+3, SQlite3
  • LLVM or GCC compiler


0 5 4.2
Warzone 2100 Story: In the late 21st century, NASDA (the North American Strategic Defense Agency) developed and deployed a massive missile defense system, including a network of nuclear-equipped satellites and ground-based launch sites. However, during a routine maintenance check, something went terribly wrong...

Pros +
  • The complexity of the game is very high, can create a lot of possible play scenarios
  • Certain missions throughout the game that do not have a time limit, and in these missions it is possible to use more traditional RTS tactics
  • Players can create a lot of custom designed new weapons (Ex: tanks) which makes the game much challenging and upredictable
  • For learning purposes (and not only) the cheat mode can be enabled - in this mode a player can control direct the resources and many other game aspects
  • Game is under continuous development by adding new features, deprecating the most unused features and keeping it up to date
Cons -
  • The game has only a single faction, this limits some of the variety that can be expected from real-time strategy games, although the single faction is very complex
  • Playing the game is a bit hard for beginners until they learn how to use the existing features, use the built-in design new vehicles feature or learn how to control a territory
  • Some graphics are not at the best resolutions, the game overall UI can be improved to offer a better visual experience
  • Oil Derricks are established over specific, scarce locations which constantly provide a slow, fixed rate of income


Warzone 2100 plays much like Earth 2150 with 3D units and terrain, customizable vehicles, a lack of traditional infantry, use of "research" to acquire new technologies, and the differentiation of vehicles types.


  • A massive technology tree, with small incremental advancements over existing technologies being required for later technologies
  • A unit design system that lets players choose bodies, propulsions, and weapons
  • A greater emphasis on sensors and radar: Basic sensors detect units and can co-ordinate ground attacks
  • Counter-battery (CB) sensors detect enemy artillery batteries and coordinate artillery strikes against enemy artillery
  • VTOL sensors and VTOL CB sensors coordinate VTOL attacks
  • Radar detectors detect enemy sensors
  • Weapon types are grouped into Artillery, Anti-Tank and All-rounder with weapon damage being greatly dependent on enemy propulsion type
  • Cyborgs are the "infantry" of Warzone being small, fast, and well defended against anti-tank weapons (especially rockets) ; they are vulnerable to artillery
  • There are two groups of structures that exist: defensive structures and base structures
  • The game includes more than 400 different researches

Game Play
There are two basic ways to play the game:
  • Single Player - Campaigns, Skirmish and Challenge games
  • Multi Player - play against the computer and/or other network players

Game Objectives
Mostly, the main objective is to destroy all hostile assets present on the map.
But depending on other scenarios other particular objectives can be set depending upon a specific mission.
However, in order to achieve the objective(s) the player have generally be able to conduct the researches, defend his territory against other opponents, develop his own structures, weapons and have a good game strategy.
As a hint, the power plants, factories and research laboratories should be in sufficient ammounts as they are the core of the "resources" for a player.

Screenshot: Main Screen
Warzone 2100 Game - Main Screen

Changelog Highlights

2023-04-16 : version 4.3.5

notable changes

  • Add: Display kills and units in spectator stats UI
  • Fix: Don't assign trucks from factories to commanders
  • Fix: Various potential crashes and corrupt config issues
  • Change: MultiPlayer - Add Heavy Rocket Array to all skirmish AIs ; Improvements to Nexus AI
  • Balance: Slightly increase the build cost of Mortar1Mk1
2023-03-26 : version 4.3.4

notable changes

  • A separate Ban/Kick activity, allow removing from ban list while running game, and fixes for spectator mute
  • Fix: Various potential crashes
  • Fix: Always cancel research when starting it in another lab
  • Fix: Fix missing sections on Tank Killer super cyborg
  • Fix: Stop Mission Time and store it when the results screen pops up
2023-01-01 : version 4.3.3

notable changes

  • Add: Cursor scaling implemented
  • Fix: Various potential crashes
  • Change: Prevent loading old ~pre-4.x series saves to curb strange and invalid bug reports
  • Change: (SDL backend) Windows: Workaround for Nvidia threaded optimization
  • Change: Rebalance FastPlay to better fit the new campaign balance
  • Change: Allow setting up to 20 research labs in the limits menu for MultiPlayer mode
2022-11-09 : version 4.3.2

notable changes

  • Various potential crashes
  • Fix: Restoring window sometimes shows black screen in OpenGL mode
  • Fix: Possible high CPU usage when minimizing window in Vulkan mode
  • Fix: Default fullscreen dimensions should match the current resolution
  • Fix: PNG files should take precedence over KTX2 files, to support mods
  • Change: Buff Flashlight for tanks, increase HP 100->180 and add 1 tile of range 12->13
  • Change: Reduce price of Hellstorm from 450->400 and weight from 20000->10000, Pepperpot price reduced from 200->175 and build time from 900->800