Signal - Speak Freely Messenger: an open-source, secure, encrypted instant messenger

Say "hello" to a different messaging experience. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all of the features you expect. It is available for both: mobile and desktop. The full source code is also available.

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Stable Version: Signal 6.18.0:desktop / 6.24:ios / 6.21.2:android

Release Date:

Runs on: ios, android, linux, mac, windows

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Signal Messenger is also available to install in iOS   AppStore and in Android   GooglePlay.


  • Project Developer: Signal Messenger Team (independent, nonprofit, mostly based on donations)
  • License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
  • OpenSource, Free: Yes
  • Written in: TypeScript, Swift, Java, Rust
Building from Source: dependencies
  • All Platforms:
    • LibSignal
      • Rust
  • Android (mobile platform):
    • Android SDK manager, Android Support Repository - need to be installed via the Android SDK manager
    • Java Development Kit (JDK) compiler - OpenJDK
    • LLVM compiler
  • iOS (mobile platform):
    • Xcode
    • LLVM compiler
  • Windows, Mac, Linux (desktop platform)
    • Python
    • NodeJS, Electron
    • LLVM or GCC compiler


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Signal brings a totally new concept from the perspective of secure messaging as being opensource, cross platform, offering Full Privacy.
It takes security and privacy very serious, being one of the most secured messaging platforms. It is based on full opensource code that is audited permanently which includes the end-to-end encryption service. State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source signal protocol) keeps your conversations secure. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking in this messenger.
Millions of people use it every day for free and instantaneous communication anywhere in the world. Send and receive high-fidelity messages, participate in HD voice/video calls, and explore a growing set of new features that help you stay connected. Signal's advanced privacy-preserving technology is always enabled, so you can focus on sharing the moments that matter with the people who matter to you.
Say anything - State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source signal protocol) keeps your conversations private and secure.

Pros +
  • the source code is audited permanently, including the end-to-end encryption service
  • pro-active security, there are a lot of new releases fixing even zero day security issues
  • cross platform: supports mobile and desktop major platforms
  • modern, easy to use, user-friendly
  • disappearing messages feature offer extra privacy
Cons -
  • comparing with Whatsapp or Telegram this messenger has not been adopted by such large communities (yet)
  • the settings regarding extra security and encryption is a bit advanced for a regular user


Signal is a cross platform secure messenger. Users can send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos. Supports disappearing messages and encryption. It is safer than most of the other popular messaging apps because it uses end-to-end encryption, which ensures that no one (not even this application) can intercept and read your messages.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Proxy Support
  • View-once Media, Delete for everyone
  • Set and manage disappearing messages
  • Chat Colors, Wallpaper, Themes, Stickers, Message Reactions
  • Archiving or unarchiving chats
  • Note to Self
  • Data Usage Options on mobiles (Wi-Fi & Cellular)
  • In-App Payments on mobiles, In-App Notifications
  • Crystal-clear Voice and Video calls to other people
  • Group chats: stay connected to your family, friends, and coworkers

Screenshot: Main Screen
Signal Messenger App - Main Screen

Changelog Highlights

2023-05-19 : version 6.24 iOS

notable changes

  • Emoji search improvements
  • Photos in the attachment selector are now sorted based on how recently they were added to your device
  • Add support for line wraps for long profile names ; Long captions in the media viewer can now be expanded with a tap
  • New animation improvements in the media and avatar viewers let you smoothly step back and see the big picture
  • New and improved All Media view makes it easier to spot old GIFs in your favorite chats
  • The "Find by Phone Number" feature is now more than 4x faster
  • When you send a message to a chat that you`ve archived, it will automatically un-archive for you
  • Stories are now in Signal! Share disappearing text, images, and video updates with select friends or groups that automatically disappear after 24 hours
  • Many Performance improvements and Bug Fixes
2023-05-19 : version 6.21.2 Android

notable changes

  • Updated language translations
  • Introduce extra caching for group message processing
  • Add initial send support to CFv2
  • Fix media not auto-downloading in groups bug
  • Avoid some 401 errors during story sends
  • Ensure users have a service identifier before sending receipts
  • Ensure websocket state changes are handled on main thread
  • Allow users to select a compact tab bar
  • Enable scheduled backups regardless of API version
  • Stories are now in Signal! Share disappearing text, images, and video updates with select friends or groups that automatically disappear after 24 hours
  • Many other bug fixes and optimizations
2023-05-18 : version 6.18.0 Desktop

notable changes

  • Fix keyboard shortcuts
  • Add support for optional message sounds
  • Updated icons give the app a fresh look and help improve legibility
  • Improved support for right-to-left
  • Locales are now matched based on your system preferences
  • Tweaks, bug fixes, and performance enhancements
  • Theme preferences now also apply to the checkboxes in Signal Settings
  • Now you can select multiple messages and forward or delete them all at once
  • Click on any picture or video and use the new Forward and Backward buttons in the media viewer to take a visual walk down memory lane
  • Voice messages are now saved as drafts if you switch to another chat while a recording is in progress
  • Sending a sticker no longer causes draft text to get cleared
  • Use the voice notes mini player to continue listening to long messages even after you switch to a different chat
  • Quickly begin typing a message after attaching a file, or just hit Enter/Return to send the file without any extra clicks
  • Fix for recording of voice notes
  • Stories are now in Signal! Share disappearing text, images, and video updates with select friends or groups that automatically disappear after 24 hours
2022-09-23 : version 5.50.4 Android

notable changes

  • add screen to set Signal as default SMS
  • ensure websockets are restarted after changing proxy
  • filter badly-formatted numbers from one-off CDS requests
  • updated language translations
  • only show "Note To Self" as Voice Memo author if both sender and receiver are self
  • allow the STORIES feature flag to be hot-swappable
  • upgrade several AndroidX Libraries
  • add capability to request username creation during registration
  • fix bug with stale linked devices when changing number
  • update AudioView in Attachment keyboard stub
2022-09-22 : version 5.54 iOS

notable changes

  • blocked contacts will no longer show up in your contact list, recipient lists for sending messages or adding to a group, and more
  • fixes an issue with registration for people switching to new iPhones and iPads
  • users with Speak Selection enabled can long press a text and select "Speak" to hear the text message read aloud
  • change the speed of audio messages to either get to the point or catch the details.
  • for disappearing messages, message details will show a countdown to let you know when a message will self-destruct
  • choose between 5 fonts when you add text to images in-app. Serif or sans serif, we’re here to help you express yourself
  • enhanced support for 4K videos
2022-08-26 : version 5.48.2 Android

notable changes

  • update language translations
  • utilize themed colors in fallback resource photos
  • utilize lock icon instead of group icon for distribution lists
  • add long-press action to copy sent timestamp to clipboard
  • add proper title to text story sender
  • add audio focus handling to voice note playback
  • do not invoke reveal animation when editing a group
  • enable both use-cases if available
  • set correct variable for password timeout
2022-08-25 : version 5.48.1 Android

notable changes

  • update libphonenumber to 8.12.54
  • clear search toolbar upon opening
  • fix crash when searching groups for a large number of members
  • update profile strings
  • improve the ordering of conversation search results
  • fix bug with back navigation during payment lock
  • improve navigation to fingerprint settings
  • add support for PniSignatureMessages
  • refactor notification thumbnails to reduce chances for ANR
  • add search by group membership
  • fix race condition when joining a group call
  • only fallback to unidentified socket when a auth error occurs
  • attempt automated SMS verification in change number flow
2022-08-15 : version 5.49 iOS

notable changes

  • bug fixes, tweaks
  • update chat input box send icon with a larger version
  • actually run OutgoingGroupUpdateMessageTest
  • hide "Approve New Members" if group link is disabled
  • re-order lines in test harness to avoid a race condition
  • split OWSURLSession into a protocol and implementation
  • fix indentation in SDSKeyValueStore
  • move the "Your camera is off" indicator up to GroupCallViewController
  • hide sticker button when opening chat with a draft quote
  • never ring a group if we know there's already a call in progress
  • remove duplicate call to animate in label
  • hide CAMERA | TEXT while recording video
  • support remote delete of stories
  • fix message for an ongoing group call with three people
  • apply theme to CVC after changing input toolbar
2022-08-12 : version 5.48 iOS

notable changes

  • don't show call window for already-terminated calls
  • adjust some strings in sqlclient
  • adjust durations for story playback to allow longer text reading time
  • persist quoted replies
  • implement auto-download logic for stories
  • don't render download state on story thumbnails
  • video Story muting/unmuting
  • stop video stories after they aren't on screen
  • allow to change font of text overlays in media editor
  • fix VoiceOver when locking an audio message recording
  • allow 4k video playback
  • add camera + text controls to in-app camera
2022-08-24 : version 5.56.0 Desktop

notable changes

  • change avatar story ring color for light theme
  • fix signal.me links
  • drop pnpChangeNumber capability
  • queue attachment downloads when receiving a view sync
  • clear stories notification after visiting stories view
  • first time My Stories post experience
  • assert that retried UUID is still part of dlist
  • typing while the emoji picker is up should enter search mode
  • properly mark story messages as read locally
  • allow paging through My Stories
  • group stories should have a different timestamp
  • handle Safety Number changes while sending a story
  • fixes emoji-only rendering within a story reply context
2022-08-18 : version 5.55.0 Desktop

notable changes

  • include ACI+Access Keys pairs with CDSI requests
  • made the emoji autocomplete aligned with the :word
  • updates translations
  • maybeMergeContacts/create: Put PNI into UUID field if no ACI
  • rename remote config flag
  • update electron to 19.0.13
  • use just the timestamp for story expiration
  • update to RingRTC v2.20.14
  • make attachments more resilient, decrease websocket keepalive
  • mark stories as viewed if we have a view sync during modifyTargetMessage
  • send and receive PniSignatureMessage
  • make ESC key dismiss MediaEditor and TextStoryCreator modals
  • only accept video/mp4 for story uploads
  • single context menu open at a time